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  • Screen composition experience for feature films, documentary features, short films & television

  • Currently studying Master of Arts Screen: Music at AFTRS

  • Selected as composer in Residence: Sydney Children's Choir 2020/21

  • One of only a handful of Australians ever selected for the world-renowned Screen Scoring course at USC Thornton School of Music, California. 


From the moment I watched the Lion King as a child, I was moved by the power of music to tell a story. Ever since, I have developed into a film composer, performer, conductor & musical director. 

Though early in my career, I have already several screen composer credits, including the feature documentary Pockets of Hope (2015) & thriller feature film Indigo Lake (2017). I have also scored for ABC and SBS TV & numerous short films. These projects have allowed me to refine my compositional voice within certain genres, as well as developing the collaborative work ethic necessary to work alongside directors, producers & fellow musicians. I began film composing while completing my double degree of Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Commerce. 

My music has won critical acclaim at film festivals around the world including winning Best Original Score at the Italian RUFA Film Awards & was nominated for Best Original Score at the Amsterdam International Filmmakers Festival. 

I am an active member of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers & the Music Arrangers' Guild of Australia

In 2019, I completed my Honours Degree in Music, majoring in Creative Practice, where I studied under leading Australian composers; Dr John Peterson, Dr Nicholas Vines, Andrew Scott, Alister Spence & Sandy Evans. As part of my major creative project for my Honours year, I composed an original soundtrack to a short-film version of Oscar nominated Australian film Lion (2016), which was performed live to picture by the UNSW Orchestra. 

In 2020 I commence studying a Masters of Screen Music at Australia's foremost film school AFTRS under Head of Music Cameron Patrick (Spiderman: Homecoming (2017), Zootopia (2016), Jurassic World (2015).

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"To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not enough time."


- Leonard Bernstein

I am extremely passionate about the power of music connect people to each other, create a sense of community, and to connect to something bigger than themselves. This is what drives me to write music! And, outside of composition, this is why I am enriched by working as the conductor of Sydney's Central Synagogue choir, widely considered one of the leading synagogue choirs in the Southern Hemisphere. 

I also love exploring the crossover between musical cultures, and have been privileged to work with the Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Aboriginal and Jewish communities to produce a range of original compositions and arrangements in my role as a Musical Director. In this role I have been privileged to oversee and curate performances for a range of Australia's finest musicians including Ilan Kidron (Potbelleez), renowned bassist Jonathan Zwartz, Edouard Bronson (Monsieur Camembert), pianist Leonie Cohen and cellist Rosemary Quinn (Brandenburg Orchestra). 

I am pursuing this further in 2020/21, having been selected as Composer in Residence for the Sydney Childrens' Choir, one the foremost childrens' choirs in Australia. 

Outside of composing and arranging, I am an active performer across a range of genres, which you can read about HERE

Feature Films

THE BIG DOG (Drama, in production 2021) - Director: Dane McCusker; Producer: Claudia Shepherd

INDIGO LAKE (Thriller, 2017) - Director: Martin Simpson. Producer: Cobbstar Productions. 

POCKETS OF HOPE (Documentary, 2015) - Director/Producer: Judy Menczel. 


RIDE LIKE AN ANZAC (Compass, ABC) (2019), Director: Adam Dostalek (Front Runner Productions). Editor: Michael Amoroso

IT TAKES A VILLAGE (Compass, ABC) (2019), Director: Adam Dostalek (Front Runner Productions). Editor: Michael Amoroso

LAST WITNESSES (Compass, ABC) (2017), Director/Oroducer: Judy Menczel. Editor: Michael Amoroso. 

FAY'S JOURNEY (Compass ABC) (2018), Director/Producer: Judy Menczel. Editor: Michael Amoroso.


JCA (Short Film, 2017) - Director/Producer: Adam Dostalek. Editor: Michael Amoroso.

THE DAILY AUS (Podcast, 2021) - Presenters: Sam Koslowski & Zara Seidler; distribution by ACast

VEDANTA (Podcast, 2021) - Presenters: Dalia Gencher

Short Films

ENEMY ALIENS (Documentary, in production 2021) - Director: Gabriel Murphy; Producer: Andrew McMartin

NO DAWN (Drama, in production 2021) - Director: Matthew Taylor; Producer: Katherine Shearer & Christina Maras

GORGON (Drama, in production 2021) - Director: Ven Gialouris

LUCKY PEACH (Drama, in production 2021) - Director: Grace Tan; Producer: Sophia O'Rourke

MONSTERS (Psychological Thriller, 2020) - Director: Dane McCusker; Producer: Andrew McMartin

LAST WOMAN HANGED (Documentary, 2020) - Director: Gabriel Murphy; Producer: Claudia Shepherd

A CLOCKWORK LEMON (Comedy, 2020) - Director: Grace Tan; Producer: Claudia Shepherd

KATE & MIKE (Silent Animation, 2018) - Director: Ilan Bar-David

ASMR (Short Film, 2017) - Director/Producer: Rubee King & Phoebe Port


LION LIVE with UNSW Orchestra (2018) - Director: Garth Davis. Production: The Weinstein Company, See-Saw Films, Screen Australia, Aquarius Films, Sunstar Entertainment, Cross City. Producers: Emile Sherman, Iain Canning, Angie Fielder. 

Conflict (2017) - Director/Producer: Redfitz. 


Sydney Children's Choir: 6 choral works for 2020 performance repertoire

Enosh (2020) commissioned by the Sydney Children's Choir

Berezny Niggun (2020) commissioned by the Sydney Children's Choir

Deine Mami (2020) commissioned by the Sydney Children's Choir

In'Shal-Om (2020) commissioned by the Sydney Children's Choir

There Are Always Miracles (2021) commissioned by the Sydney Children's Choir


Private Commissions:

The Grandma Gerutchkie (2019) - Piano & Violin duet

The Kiddish Kvell (2020) - Piano & Violin duet


Good Distractions (2016)

Universals & Particulars - The Gapp Album (2019)

Chronometry - The Gapp Album (2020)

Choral Works

Enosh (2020) commissioned by Sydney Children's Choir

Berezny Niggun (2020) commisioned by Sydney Children's Choir

In'Shal-Om (2020) commissioned by Sydney Children's Choir

Deine Mami (2020) commissioned by Sydney Children's Choir

Kaddish (2015)

Hashiveinu (2015)

Modim Anachnu Lach (2015)

Art Music

Genesis (2017) - Piano Four Hands

Not You Again! (2015) - Piano, Marimba & Flute Trio

Rickshaw Ride (2015) - I. Roundabout, II. Hush - Piano & Flute Duet

In The Flow (2016) - I. Water, II. Petrichor, III. Gush - Piano & Saxophone Duet


Chronometry, The Gapp Project (2020) - Jazz Fusion/Electronic Jazz

Universals & Particulars, The Gapp Project (2019) - Jazz Fusion/Electronic Jazz


Eden (2015)

Glory (2015)

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat (2012)

Transcendence (2012)

Main Titles - Animated Short Film (2019) - Sam Weiss
End Titles (It Takes A Village, ABC Compass, 2019) - Sam Weiss
Return to Karunga - Cue from 'It Takes a Village' (2019) - Sam Weiss
Nakuru Village - Cue from 'It Takes a Village' (2019) - Sam Weiss
New Hope - Cue from 'It Takes a Village' (2019) - Sam Weiss


Tzipporah Mwangi - Cue from 'It Takes a Village' (2019) - Sam Weiss
iPhone Symphony - "Not You Again!" (2015) - Contemporary - Sam Weiss Original
Roundabout & Hush (2015) - Contemporary - Sam Weiss
Beersheva (Documentary, 2018) - Sam Weiss
Grow (2017) - Sam Weiss
Love Theme (Indigo Lake, 2017) - Sam Weiss
Desert Awakening (2017) - Sam Weiss
Glory (2015) Snippet - Orchestral - Sam Weiss
Eden (2015) Snippet - Orchestral - Sam Weiss
iPhone Symphony - "Not You Again!" (2015) - Contemporary - Sam Weiss Original
Roundabout & Hush (2015) - Contemporary - Sam Weiss


The producers and myself commissioned Sam Weiss to compose and record the score for INDIGO LAKE after hearing his work on a beautiful song that we then brought into the film and which subsequently became integral to it, being sung on–screen by the leading lady.

As INDIGO LAKE was Sam’s first film score, when we began the project, I worked closely with him, making suggestions about emotional tone and thematic elements. Sam was very easy to communicate with and proved to be adept in both his feel for the material and his ability to absorb my sometimes unformed input to come up with a brilliant result. 

Sam can compose gloriously in any style of music.  His range, from sparse to lush, from orchestral through band music and solo instrumentation, from classical to modern, is amazing.  His orchestration and his melodies for the film were exquisitely beautiful and his feel for the material highly empathetic.


Though the task of scoring INDIGO LAKE was long, over some months, and sometimes arduous, as he had to keep up with editing changes, Sam was always willing to go the extra mile for us to deliver extremely high quality material.  He was a great asset to the project.

I would heartily recommend Sam Weiss for any film project he would care to undertake.

—  Martin Simpson, Director, INDIGO LAKE (2017)


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