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Guaranteed SPICE. 

HOT SAUCE is one of Sydney's hottest bands. With a lineup comprising members of some of Australia's most-loved touring bands MAJUN BU, THE BIG ILCH and HOT POTATO BAND, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life!

Put simply, HOT SAUCE brings the X-factor to your event. They can play pretty much anything and everything, in any style, on demand. Staples are RnB, soul, funk, house, disco, reggae, afro-house, rap and blues. They have fun, and so do you! 

HOT SAUCE is the spicy, raw, live energy that will leave you dreaming about that time you had this party for years to come...

We will make your body MOVE!


DOM DIAZ leads the line on a crazy mixture of vocals, keyboard & trumpet. This guy can do it all - rap, beatbox, loop pedal. 

BENNY G on vocals, guitar and percussion! Lead singer for the HOT POTATO BAND, a finalist on THE VOICE in both Australia & Israel. A vibe machine. 

SAM JAKE is our sax man. No doubt about it, this guy gives your party the X-factor with his ability to get onto the dance floor and move with your guests. 

OSCAR JOE on bass, vocals and pretty much anything else. This guy is a genius! And he's making waves as a solo artist too.

MIGGY (David) on the drums - the glue, the beat machine, the guru. When Miggy brings the beat in, the party starts.  


Across the industry, we are known to deliver above and beyond expectations.

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