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The producers and myself commissioned Sam Weiss to compose and record the score for INDIGO LAKE after hearing his work on a beautiful song that we then brought into the film and which subsequently became integral to it, being sung on–screen by the leading lady.

As INDIGO LAKE was Sam’s first film score, when we began the project, I worked closely with him, making suggestions about emotional tone and thematic elements. Sam was very easy to communicate with and proved to be adept in both his feel for the material and his ability to absorb my sometimes unformed input to come up with a brilliant result. 

Sam can compose gloriously in any style of music.  His range, from sparse to lush, from orchestral through band music and solo instrumentation, from classical to modern, is amazing.  His orchestration and his melodies for the film were exquisitely beautiful and his feel for the material highly empathetic.


Though the task of scoring INDIGO LAKE was long, over some months, and sometimes arduous, as he had to keep up with editing changes, Sam was always willing to go the extra mile for us to deliver extremely high quality material.  He was a great asset to the project.

I would heartily recommend Sam Weiss for any film project he would care to undertake.

—  Martin Simpson, Director, INDIGO LAKE (2017)

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